FAST for prep3 - Automated Inline Dilution System for PerkinElmer Optima

FAST for prep3 enhances laboratory productivity by adding FAST uptake, washout, and high throughput capabilities to the prep3 autodilution system. Syngistix control of a 7 port valve and three independent microperistaltic pumps is used to perform accurate and precise inline autodilution. Rapid mixing of samples or standards with diluent and internal standard in a fluoropolymer sample flow path provides minimal memory effects.


  • Triple low-pulsing microperistaltic pump
    - P1 = Carrier
    - P2 = Diluent
    - P3 = Internal standard
  • FAST injection
  • In-valve mixing
Part # Description
prep3-87A prep3 Inline Autodilution System for existing DX autosampler user
2prep3-87A prep3 2DX Inline Autodilution System
4prep3-87A prep3 4DX Inline Autodilution System
FX-57C FASTX Complete


  • Automatic calibration from stock standard solution(s)
  • Automatic sample dilution
  • Automatic over-range dilution
  • Automatic internal standard out-of-range dilution
  • Analyze samples from undiluted to up to 25x diluted
  • Fully supported by PerkinElmer Syngistix software