prep3 - Automated Inline Dilution System for PerkinElmer Optima

prep3 Automated Inline Dilution System with Autosampler

prep3 is an inline dilution system, which uses a peristaltic pump to perform precise and accurate inline dilution of samples and standards. Three microperistaltic pumps under the control of the Optima Syngistix software deliver sample, diluent, and internal standard to an inline, low-volume mixing device and then into the nebulizer. The total liquid flow is constant, but the ratio of sample to diluent varies to perform the inline dilutions.

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FAST for prep3 Automated Inline Dilution System with Autosampler

FAST for prep3 enhances laboratory productivity by adding FAST uptake, washout, and high throughput capabilities to the prep3 autodilution system. Syngistix control of a 7 port valve and three independent microperistaltic pumps is used to perform accurate and precise inline autodilution. Rapid mixing of samples or standards with diluent and internal standard in a fluoropolymer sample flow path provides minimal memory effects.

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